Helping Solve the Housing Crisis


How to get involved in Modular construction

We are committed to helping people join the Modular Construction revolution at every level, from training more skilled people to build modular houses, to creating enterprise teams that can duplicate an entire factory build organisation anywhere in the country.

The advantages are that people with existing skills can retrain easily and new people can be trained quickly. The efficiency of the factory build system also means that we can produce more houses in this country with the workforce we already have, creating jobs and improving communities.

Improved working environment

Whether you are looking to start in the trade after completing a foundation educational module with a vocational opportunity, or are looking to re-train to take advantage of the new opportunities being created by modular housing, contact Totally Modular for more information.

Working offsite, indoors and undercover in a protected factory environment has a lot of advantages when it comes to the weather. It is also more efficient as tools are to hand and materials always available at line side.

There are also health and safety advantages as PPE is mandatory, there is significantly less working at height and very little outdoor work required.

Addressing the skills shortage

It is estimated that over the next ten years there will be 25% decline in the construction industry labour force, while the government still needs to stimulate the industry to build more houses. We believe volumetric modular is a key contributor to the solution to solve this crisis.

Training Courses

We work closely with the building and construction departments of local colleges and training providers in order to offer a comprehensive course on building modular housing.

West Midlands opportunities: Volumetric Engineering – Dudley FE College

Partnering with the National Housing Academy and Dudley FE College we aim to create an Apprenticeship in Volumetric Engineering which will be end assessed by the Institute of Engineering and Technology. This apprenticeship will allow successful learners to progress into several career paths from Quality Managers to Production Engineers.


Equal Opportunities

We are an equal opportunity employer and are committed to providing the best opportunities we can for both able bodied and disabled people.

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