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UK Wide Maintenance

Maintenance Services

For customers who operate as commercial accommodation providers Totally Modular offers a full life-cycle repair and maintenance service for all our modular housing products.

Our teams of trained professionals are on-call 24/7 for emergency work on building structures, the internal and external fabric of the module, plus any services or amenities that were supplied and installed by Totally Modular.

On-Call 24/7 for emergency work

Full life-cycle maintenance service

Extending building life

Totally Modular building structures have a very long potential service life so aspects of the accommodation that are subject to wear and tear through usage can be  repaired or replaced. Once the modules come to a point where they would benefit from a refresh or a full refurbishment, we can provide a saleable reconditioning service.

Moving & repurposing

One of the significant benefits of a modular construction for buildings is that they are far easier to re-position.

In-fact, there are several options available in the Totally Modular portfolio that provide solutions for temporary accommodation. These vary from short-term occupancy for building sites, through to temporary living on domestic plots, or large accommodation blocks built for city locations.

The internal steel frame structure means that the same lorry and crane process used to position each module, can be used to collect it and move it to another location.

Refurbishment and reconditioning

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