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Turn Key Solutions

Turnkey Solutions

Totally Modular understands what it takes to manage the range of parties involved from initial design through ground works and installation, to completion of a project with the handover. Because of this we have developed a one stop shop by offering a ‘Turnkey’ solution. Through the TM in-house team and with the support of strategic partners we provide a complete package. This can be done through the supply our standard house types from our portfolio, or via a custom TM designed modular home. Partnering with TM on a turnkey solution allows a stress free project.

Concept Design

Totally Modular always believe that early engagement is key. The sooner opportunities are identified the better the outcome for all. So from your initial enquiry Totally Modular will engage with you to produce a concept design. Whether you have existing drawings or just an outline vision/drawing for your project, Totally Modular has the expertise to bring your project to reality.

Using the TM volumetric build system we can adapted our standard house types to suit, or create a custom volumetric design. Design will be done via our in-house team who can liaise with third party architects to combine the flexibility of modular with the aesthetics of an existing architectural design, or we can complete the full process internally.

All Totally Modular’s designs are BIM level 2 compliant. We can design the externals by utilising our existing supply chain to offer a wide range of external cladding to help your building blend with its surroundings.

Internally, Totally Modular’s volumetric construction in no way limits the interior layout of your building. Totally Modular offers three standard specifications when it comes to interior finishes. But we can also accommodate any specifications you might have within the concept design.

We offer a genuine one-stop-shop for housing providers looking to increase the amount of accommodation they can offer.

Design, manufacture, delivery and installation are all available options. We are able to provide conventional greenfield housing solutions in a fraction of the time it takes to build using traditional construction methods. We can also provide a wide range of innovative housing solutions based on our modular concept that allow us to create beautiful living spaces in confined areas such as city developments and in-fill sites. We can also install housing modules in just a day, removing the vast majority of disturbance created by traditional building.

Building Regulations and Planning

Our designs have been developed with input from planning and building control over the last ten years. This means that our modules and designs are high integrity solutions that are compliant with building regulations.

Planning regulations are different from one area to the next and while the planning office has put a lot of effort into ensuring consistency from individual planners, there is a process to go through regardless of if you are looking at a supported development area or an innovative new one that is breaking new ground.

We are here to support and offer our experience and guidance, plus all the necessary supporting documentation.

Do you have any

Why not contact us via our contact form, or give us a call, we always like to talk all things “Modular”!

Ground Works, Building Manufacture and Installation

This is the on-site and manufacture phase of the project. The on-site work can begin while your building is being manufactured. By the time the modules are ready to be delivered, the foundations and landscaping can be complete with the services ready to connect to the building. Our on site management team will look after the day to day activity on-site, this will include all the quality checks needed for our BoPAS warranty as well as the waste management etc. Our on site team will have a CDM coordinator on site for all aspects of Health and Safety.

Working in parallel with the on-site team, our factory-based manufacturing team will begin the manufacturing of your modules. The modules will have been added to our programme within one of our facilities and the process of building will begin.

Once the delivery date arrives, our installation team will take over to oversee the delivery and installation of your building, including connection to services. This will be delivered to site and installed by our team, with up to 6 houses installed in one day. We manage end to end logistics and delivery and then the houses are handed over within one week of install.