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Whether you have existing drawings or just an outline vision/drawing for your project, Totally Modular has the expertise to bring your project to reality. Using the TM volumetric build system we can adapt our standard house types to suit, or create a custom volumetric design, which we can then put into production in our manufacturing facilities.

With our modular volumetric expertise we can assist in all areas of a project, as well as having a broad portfolio of house types, which in a lot of case can be designed to suit each individual project’s requirements perfectly. With over 30 years in modular under our belts, we can help you get your project off the ground and delivered quicker than a traditional build.


We specialise in volumetric houses, with our system we have the agility and flexibility to adapt to most designs. Why not send over your designs and allow our design team to run and eye over them and give you an idea if you could proceed with a project volumetrically. We can design schemes from scratch or adapt an already designed scheme. We have an in house team which is skilled in not only house design but also scheme design and planning applications. We can help in all aspects of Volumetric Modular, so why not give us a call and see what we can do for you.


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Why go Volumetric?

Volumetric modular building is a construction method where accommodation is created using predetermined, self-supporting volumes or modules, manufactured offsite, in factories, under controlled conditions. The volumetric modular technique avoids many of the limiting factors and challenges faced by traditional construction methods in favour of a manufacturing and engineering orientated approach.

This brings additional benefits; Speed, Quality, Fixed Costs,

Do you already have planning?

Do you have planning approval for an existing project? Why not let Totally Modular modularise it allowing you to keep you current planning, and rapidly accelerate your project, with a 97% complete house delivered to site, to your specification.

Do you have any questions?

Why not contact us via our contact form, or give us a call we always like to talk all things “Modular”!