Helping Solve the Housing Crisis

Modular Consultancy

Modular Consultancy

Volumetric Modular construction has a lot of differences to a traditional build. Not everyone knows how things differ or even what Volumetric Modular is. Our team of experts, can help with all aspects of Volumetric Modular. With our “Modular Consultancy” solution, we can help you with the specifics of a job. The viability or make up of a scheme. Or if you are at the stage of championing a project, why not get us to come and talk to and your organisation about all things Volumetric Modular?

Modular Building Design and Specifications (Modularisation)

Whether you have existing drawings or just an outline vision/drawing for your project, Totally Modular has the expertise to bring your project to reality. Using the TM volumetric build system we can adapted our standard house types to suit, or create a custom volumetric design, which we can then put into production in our manufacturing facilities.

We can also design the interiors and exteriors of our house types to fit the standard specification of you organisation.

With our modular volumetric expertise we can assist in all areas of a project, as well as having a broad portfolio of house types, which in a lot of case can be designed to suit each individual project’s requirements perfectly. With over 30 years in modular under our belts, we can help you get your project off the ground and delivered quicker than a traditional build.

Why use a Modular Consultant?

Making the move from a traditional build to a Volumetric one can be a big step. There needs to be a buy in from various levels of an organisation. Whilst some people are believers like we are that this is the future of housing. There are still some people who see the our factory built home as Prefab. Do you need help gaining buy in from levels of your organisation? Totally Modular can help, we will come in and explain and show you what Volumetric is, how it works, how it can help your build program. As well as organising visits to you facilities to show you the quality of build we achieve.

Modular Scheme Design

Totally Modular’s design team have expertise in Scheme Design. We can produce an initial drawing of the number and size of houses we can fit onto a plot. Right through to designing the layout look and feel of a project. Why not call us with your requirements and see what we can plot out for you.

Maybe you have a planning for an existing project? Why not let Totally Modular modularise it allowing you to keep you current planning, and rapidly accelerate your project, with a 97% complete house delivered to site to your specification.

Do you have any

Why not contact us via our contact form, or give us a call we always like to talk all things “Modular”!

Modular Feasiblity Studies & FEEDS Studies

Feasibility Study

Totally Modular can help with the preparation of a feasibility study and assessment of options enables you to decide whether to proceed with a project.

The feasibility study will detail:

  • Project budget planning
  • Project timescales and outline programme
  • Review of your preferred site location(s) for modular installation and access
  • Sustainability aspirations

It will define the viability of a project, identifying your needs and objectives, suitable site locations, the business case and any possible constraints on the project.

Front-End-Engineering-Design Study (FEEDS)

Totally Modular’s solution is an engineered solution to the housing crisis. We offer a Front-End-Engineering-Design Study (FEEDS). This means Totally Modular carrying out a study in order to create a custom  house type or house type portfolio. This would be an exclusive design and engineered house type/types for you, using the Totally Modular System to give you fully accredited houses with BOPAS Warranty and to Building Reg accreditation. This process saves weeks at the start of the project as you’re straight into manufacturing having done all the ground work.

This study will cover all the preliminaries associated with your first Totally Modular project for a fixed fee as the work has to be done anyway once full funding has been sanctioned, it also means that this will speed up the planning process and allow you to be first to market with your own bespoke house types. The fee associated with this would then be paid back to you in the form of a discount per unit against your first order.