Helping Solve the Housing Crisis

Factory in a Box

Factory in a Box

One of the key drivers behind a TM Popup Factory is to create local skilled jobs alongside the supply of its homes. TM developed its system and documentation  from the start to provide a complete manufacturing, compliance and supply chain/procurement process to enable local assembly plants to be established.

We believe in the concept of Local Homes, For Local People Employing Local Labour and benefiting the local economy.

Our Regional Hubs Plan

Totally Modular would employ a hub and spoke model to allowing us to centralise all of our design, compliance, procurement operations. We would then look to Joint Venture with Housing Associations, Conglomerates of multiple HAs and or LAs, Local or Combined Authorities to put local manufacturing hubs to produce accommodation for the local community, creating jobs and training for local people. These hubs can static facilities servicing a combined commitment, or transient facilities in the case of large sites, moving from site to site.

Soft Start

Starting any manufacturing process is a serious commitment and one using offsite technology is no exception. This is the principle reason why the adoption of the concept of pop-up factories to service the construction industry has yet to take hold.

TM has developed a three-stage process to smooth the transition into local independent manufacturing. Your factory will start by assembling pre-made parts, working in partnership with our existing supply chain. As the process evolves, the scope can be developed to increase the output and / or the complexity of the work. Initially your factory does not need to be fully independent but could just specialise in the construction of standard modular units, with more complex units being supplied by TM’s established supply chain.

Jobs & Training Through Local Manufacturing

With our partners (National Housing Academy & Dudley College) we are able to help with not only jobs but training. We are designing a 12 week course, which would be undertaken by all our factory operatives. This would be done within our TM Academy based at each site. Each factory we open would have a TM Academy within it. The next stage is complete the introduction of a Volumetric Apprenticeship which would be run in conjunction with Dudley College and the NHA. Bring a modular factory to your local area with TM would not only solve some/all of your local housing issues, but it would bring jobs and training into the area as well.

Local Manufacturing Facilities

Our factory build concept has been developed to allow us to take over available factory space close to a large development or close to a community where there is demand.

Being able to move manufacturing to the local area not only creates jobs in that area, but also boosts the local economy and can lead to local training and educational resources being developed too.

Our technical and management teams have overseen and set-up several Totally Modular factories and are willing to work in partnership with other teams looking to create a Totally Modular production site.

Do you have any questions?

Why not contact us via our contact form, or give us a call we always like to talk all things “Modular”!