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Our Facilities

Our Facilities

Totally Modular manufacturing facility, based within the West Midlands, has been designed and tested to ensure each module is manufactured to our high quality standards. The benefit of producing a manufacturing line system not only ensures quality, but means we’re able to reproduce the quality at a large scale. Within facility our highly trained workforce we have the capacity to produce 1000 modules a year.

Manufacturing Process

Our manufacturing division operates from a site within the West Midlands where our facility is purpose built to enable us to build houses on a giant production line. We use qualified engineers, fabricators trades and assembly personnel working in the comfort of a factory environment rather than outside in all weathers. We use materials that are delivered just-in-time to the production line, which increases the speed of construction, improves quality and consistency while greatly reducing site waste.


Utilising our manufacturing facilities we are able to manufacture 1000 modules comprising of; Temporary accommodation (Micro Bungalows/Pods, Apartments, House of multiple occupancy), 2,3 & 4 bed homes designed and built in compliance with the LA Building Constraints and Requirements.

Cradley Heath


Location: Cradley Heath, Sandwell

Description: Cradley is one of our largest facilities, where we manufacture complete modules using our innovative production line system that includes moveable jigs and our high ceiling heavy craneage. Our install teams have many years experience in producing top quality residential structures, as do our management team.

Size: 45 thousand square feet facility with high bays and heavy cranage

Capacity: Currently 1000 modules per year.