Helping Solve the Housing Crisis

Micro Living

What is Micro Living

Totally Modular’s Micro Living solution is designed to provide high quality housing on a temporary basis with very little notice. The secure accommodation, meeting all building regulations can be used to provide temporary housing for the homeless, emergency accommodation in the event of natural disasters such as flooding, or on-site living for large construction of civil engineering projects.

The Micro Living range is available in various designs to suit different needs. Single person and family Micro Bungalows provide a private living space with all the facilities and convenience of a normal home. Houses for multiple occupancy on the other hand can house multiple people in close quarters where catering and hygiene facilities would be provided separately. While our solutions are provided unfurnished, they have been designed around IKEA furniture, making it easy and inexpensive to quickly furnish the houses no matter where you are.

The materials used to manufacture the Micro Living range of homes are the same as the rest of the Totally Modular range and are built to the same quality and standards. All of our solutions are stackable, allowing users to make efficient use of the available space in any given location.

Who is Micro Living aimed at?

The Micro Living solution is aimed at any situation where simple, safe and secure temporary housing could improve people’s lives. Individuals, businesses, charities and NGOs have all identified ways in which these houses could be used, the most common being:

Temporary Homeless Accommodation

Government figures show that over the last decade the number of families staying in temporary accommodation has continued to rise: in the last three months of 2017 almost 79,000 families didn’t have a permanent residence. Temporary accommodation typically comprises B&B’s, hotels and hostels which is a costly and unsustainable solution for a growing problem.

Micro Living bungalow units provide a safe, independent and modern housing solution which would allow individuals and families to find the stability they need to secure a source of reliable income and find a permanent housing solution. Thanks to the modularity of the solution, it can be placed on temporarily available land, and moved if the land is required.

The solution provides greater dignity to the most vulnerable members of society while also relieving the burden of expense compared to traditional temporary accommodation solutions.

Site Worker Accommodation

Many large-scale construction and civil engineering projects require worker to reside on-site all week while they work hundreds of miles from their home. For both private contractors and government workers there is a duty of care to provide suitable, secure accommodation. Further, in a competitive market place it’s important to provide high levels of accommodation in order to attract the highest quality labour.

The Micro Living range would allow temporary housing areas to be installed on-site, offering a combination of multi-occupancy living and single person bungalows. The solution would provide workers with a home for the duration of the project and reduce the cost of hotel accommodation. Once the project is complete the units can be quickly removed from site and either returned to storage or installed elsewhere.

Disaster Relief

One of the biggest challenges facing relied workers after a natural disaster or human catastrophe is housing victims who have been forced from their home. In the UK alone there have been recent examples of flooding forcing thousands of people into temporary accommodation and across Europe fires have destroyed many homes.

Micro Living would provide a perfect short-term solution with greater security and comfort than shelters or camp sites while relief workers work to identify more long-term solutions or victims restore their property. With the help of Totally Modular’s ‘Factory in a Box’ it would be easy to quickly construct the accommodation close to site and delivery high-quality housing relief on a short time frame.

NHS Bed Crisis

A recent study conducted by researchers from the universities of Liverpool, Oxford, Glasgow and York suggested that ‘Up to 8,000 deaths a year may be being caused by “deadly” levels of NHS bed blocking’. Bed blocking – or ‘Delayed Transfer of Care’ – occurs when a patient is ready to leave a hospital but is till occupying a bed. This often happens when the patient requires on-going care and are awaiting transfer to a nursing home, community hospital or hospice.

Not only does bed blocking costs hospitals an estimated £600 per bed per night, last winter the problem reached crisis point with tens of thousands of patients being treated in corridors and some A&E departments being forced to close their doors.

Many hospitals have additional surrounding land that is owned by the NHS yet unoccupied. It would be easy to build comfortably, hygienic temporary ‘recovery wards’ using the Micro Living range of multi-occupancy units. Based on a similar model to the rehabilitation village that is being trialled in the Cotswolds, this would allow hospitals to free up beds for critically ill patients while still providing suitable care for patients undergoing rehabilitation.


No matter how the Micro Living range is used, its USP is comfort and security with exceptional value. To ensure that all of our users can extract the best value for the solution the units are available to buy outright of lease. We have a finance solution in place to allow our units to be leased over various length terms: with either weekly or monthly payments.

Our Micro Living Products

Our Micro Living solutions are all manufactured using the same high-quality materials as all our house designs. They are constructed to Building Regulations and utilise the same specifications as our houses.

We have 5 standard micro living units, Single person Micro Bungalow, 2x Family Micro Bungalows, a house of multiple occupancy and a motel style apartment block.

Single storey units can be delivered and installed on site via a Hiab, meaning no need for a crane, therefore reducing the cost of installation. Where space is at a premium, all our Micro Living solutions are stackable, meaning we can create multi-level housing solutions.

The Totally Modular ECO Addons are all available to integrate the with Micro Living range. These are factory fitted solutions including solar panels and infra-red heating. By integrating these solutions it’s possible to provide temporary living solutions that run virtually off-grid.

Could Micro Living be the answer to the Homeless Temporary accommodation crisis?
Why not contact Totally Modular about our Micro Living solutions and how they might be able allow the occupier(s) a safe, independent, modern housing solution to enable them to engage and enhance society by having a secure environment from where they can flourish!