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Totally Modular News

Totally Modular accredited members of the Considerate Constructors Scheme.

We are proud to announce that Totally Modular are now fully accredited members of the Considerate Constructors Scheme.

The Considerate Constructors Scheme is a not-for-profit, independent organisation founded to raise standards in the construction industry.

Construction sites, companies and suppliers voluntarily register with the Scheme and agree to abide by the Code of Considerate Practice, designed to encourage best practice beyond statutory requirements.

Considerate constructors seek to improve the image of the construction industry by striving to promote and achieve best practice under the Code.

The assessor concluded following his visit to Totally Modular…

“The company demonstrates with many of its policies and procedures a commitment in line with the principles of considerate construction. This is underlined by the number of external accreditations and certifications achieved. The entire site presents a professional and positive initial external impression. Environmental issues are obviously to the fore with the vast majority of construction element being undertaken off site and it is good to see the carbon footprint of the company being calculated. I have no hesitation in recommending Totally Modular Ltd. for membership of the CCS.”

The Code of Considerate Practice applies to all registered sites, companies and suppliers regardless of size, type or location.

  1. Care about appearance
  2. Respect the community
  3. Protect the environment
  4. Secure everyone’s safety
  5. Value their workforce

Totally Modular News

Prime Minister Visit’s Totally Modular Home

Did you spot us during the Prime Ministers Build Build Build announcement recently?

We were thrilled to be at the forefront of such a vital announcement surrounding accelerated delivery of construction and plans to reduce unemployment rates. Highlighting to the Prime Minister the importance of MMC to drive forward innovation, digital integration and accelerated delivery. 

John Connolly our Managing Director commented…

“It was great to have the Prime Minister Boris Johnson come and show his support to the Black Country and choose to make such a vital announcement at such a step changing venue as Dudley College, with our 3 bedroom modular home as the back drop.

Both ourselves and Dudley College have similar aspirations and that is to drive innovation and digital integration into the construction industry which will allow for better quality homes, increased transparency in the build process and most importantly accelerated delivery. Whilst at the same time enhancing job creation and seek to reduce unemployment rates.”

Following the Prime Ministers visit to Dudley College and our 3 bed demonstrator home, we think now is great time to explain our fantastic partnership with Dudley College.

Dudley College are considered a national leader of training in MMC delivery, so it only seemed apt to form a strategic partnership with them, so both parties can collaborate together to drive job creation, upskill individuals and the drive MMC journey forward.

A stand-out feature of Dudley College is the four-storey high ‘hangar’ where our 3 bed demonstrator modular home lives. Students are taught the practical know-how required for fabricating and assembling the building using the latest available technologies. For example both electrical and carpentry skilled apprentices have practised their skills on this house, with the full electrical install being conducted by electrical apprentices.

We have identified that we need to bring in a complete unskilled workforce, and train individuals up into the skills associated with volumetric modular assembly.

For us to facilitate that, we have identified Dudley College as a training provider within 3 miles of the factory that are sat in a unique position that have both experience from a construction perspective from an onsite element but also cutting edge training programmes that supporting offsite technology from a technical perspective, incorporating design, green technologies and innovative products.

We have formed a collaboration to initiate a trail blazing apprenticeship scheme, that all of our apprentices will be sent to college for a formal NVQ, BTEC apprenticeship over a period of 2-3 years, where at the end of it, they will have a formal qualification for Volumetric Modular Assembly, either as a crafts person or as a technician. Which are transferable skills, which can be deployed throughout the UK and beyond