New website is showcase for volumetric modular housing

Totally Modular, the UK’s leading volumetric steel-frame modular housing manufacturer has launched its new website at The site has been built to underline the advantages offered by modular construction to housing providers across the country. Key aspects include site flexibility, consistent quality, low environmental impact and a very fast method of creating good quality, desirable affordable housing.

Totally Modular’s new site acts as an online portal for users looking to access information about every aspect of modular housing and learn about the company’s involvement in the complete life-cycle of the homes it designs and creates.

The design team at Totally Modular has been developing and refining its high-quality modular steel-frame construction housing for over ten years. This expertise has recently been applied to a new portfolio of modular buildings and a range of complimentary support services. These include everything from modular consultancy, scheme design, approvals, customisation, manufacturing, delivery, installation and UK-wide maintenance.

In addition, anyone interested in modular houses, but with questions about options, flexibility and affordability can now apply for a cost quote online. Based on their individual requirements users can then develop the standard units to include everything from changes to exterior cladding and colour, kitchen appliances to disability equipment and adaptations.

Brian Maunder, Sales Manager at Totally Modular, said: “Just because our modular houses are standardised in terms of construction, it doesn’t mean they cannot be customised, every house can be different. Hence through the ‘get a quote page’, we aim to provide clear and transparent pricing. Every customer has slightly different needs and priorities and the important thing is for us to able to engage with potential customers early in the development process.”

Thanks to the in-depth knowledge contributed by Totally Modular’s experts, visitors to the website can also access an extensive library of useful resources on the world of modular housing. Available documents include case studies, whitepapers, planning advice, room layouts, materials technology, company news and industry sector bulletins on volumetric modular housing.

Brian concludes: “With this new website we have created a valuable resource and a great user experience. The navigation is designed to suit a range of visitors from housing associations and training organisations to home-owners and developers. There has been a lot of news on the political desire to tackle the housing crisis, from how to boost affordable housing availability to tackling the rough sleeping epidemic. We believe modular housing construction is a very good place to start to find solutions to those problems many of us are tasked with solving.”

Take a look at the website here: